The Swiss MCS SA (Swiss Management Consulting Services) company was founded in June 2015 by Mr. Pierre-Arnauld Fueg. Indeed, his experience gained over his carreer development has promtped him to find solutions to problems raised by customers in the areas of the legal, of the tax planning and of the succession, among others.

Mr Pascal Wahlen has joined the Swiss MCS company as Director of the Geneva's office. His experience (25 years in fiduciary and audit companies) gained over his career as well as the needs of the customers have encouraged him to develop services in the areas of the financing, of the investment, of the financial expertise and of the fiscal planning of assets, among others.

Among targets, the development of new activities has always been most important. So Swiss MCS SA is called on to perform mandates related to the Family Office activity.

The respect of the new rules set in place by the institutions makes it necessary for Swiss MCS SA to consider new thinking resulting in more complex targets.

Our services for Swiss / foreign residents :